Client Stories

Committed to growth

Council is committed to overseeing the continued growth of the Shire and ensuring high quality of life for residents and visitors.

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Accessible Web

Armidale Regional Council is committed to supporting the local community, businesses and tourism organisations by encouraging residents and visitors to the Armidale region to buy local.

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Building a new marketing channel

JDV Projects develops a new online marketing channel to grow business opportunities with a fresh mobile ready website and social media presence.

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A platform for growth

IntegriCare launches a new web site at modest cost, based on industry-standard technologies, to present a new and modern face to the community. It provides access to information and services and can be... Read more

Improving communication and...

House with No Steps improves information management, communication and collaboration by implementing a new Intranet, using standard CMS functionality wherever possible to achieve cost effectiveness in... Read more

Supporting business transformation

Abel Tasman Village launches a new website as a marketing project to support the refresh and transformation of its business.

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Innovative technology improves...

An innovative, award winning new mobile technology that saved 50% of the time taken to complete OHS Safety Audits, reduced reliance on paper-based reporting, increased store compliance, reduced OHS risk and... Read more

Cutting costs and improving services

Blayney Shire Council creates a foundation for better communication with ratepayers through a complete redevelopment of its website, saving on maintenance costs while reducing and simplifying maintenance... Read more

Reaching out to residents and visitors

Gloucester Shire Council creates a fresh new site to improve communication and reach ratepayers, residents and visitors wherever they are. 

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