Client Stories

Buloke Shire Council

Committed to growth

Business need

The website of Buloke Shire is a central access point for community programmes and information throughout the district. The council sought to provide high service standards and productivity through the use of technology to streamline processes. The site required better looking and secured system for visitors and members.

Key challenges

The new website had to be created within a limited timeframe, so that the framework needed to be developed quickly and then a tough decisions about content needed to be made-what data should be kept from the old site, what needs to be improved and what needs to be created again? 
Given that the website would preferably be used by both technical and non-technical staff, the chosen content management system required flexibility and ease of use. This also had to evolve along with them, scaling up to accommodate expanded content and new uses.


Buloke Shire Council values the way the site stands out and helps them to communicate directly with residents and visitors in the area.

Company Profile

The Buloke Shire Council is a public statutory body incorporated under The Local Government Act 1989 (Victoria). The Act sets out the primary purposes and objectives of the Council and defines its functions and powers.