We provide application and database support, cloud hosting services and enhancements to System77 ERP

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System77 as your core system

System77 is a robust and feature-rich ERP system used by many of Multibase’s clients across a variety of industries. System77 features include: Point of Sales and back office system written in CL4 which can keep track of sales, inventory, purchases, as well as handling the financial side and reporting. Users of the System77 recognize it as a proven and trusted business engine and are keen to retain its core capabilities while still taking advantage of new reporting solutions, mobile technologies and cloud computing to realize the benefits that these service innovations can bring to business. Multibase is committed to help you make the most of your investment in System77.

Our Solution Areas

Multibase have experts in the CL databases and System77 application to provide ongoing application and database support, feature enhancements, cloud migration and hosting of servers, disaster recovery solutions, integrations, BI reporting and much more. With our Linux system experts, we can automate background tasks, such as backing up data and maintenance of the application.