Disaster Recovery

Data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware could result in significant business disruption. We help develop effective IT Disaster Recovery plan that is crucial to survival and continued operation of the business

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Data is the most valuable asset for businesses, large and small

If you manage your own servers, you need to be sure that they're secure and that your data is protected from hardware failure, software malfunction, human error, physical disasters, hacking or malware.

What would you do if your business lost critical files? How much would it cost? Even if you're already backing up, are you sure that you can actually restore your systems and get back to work if you need to?

Lost data costs your business

Here are some statistics from the ACCC about the financial impact to businesses when things go wrong:

Why Multibase?

A focus on pragmatic strategies to reduce risk and cost

Hosting your critical infrastructure and backups in the cloud reduces the risk of data loss and provides rapid server restoration minimal downtime. This also reduces risk of prolonged downtime from physical hardware failure.

At Multibase, we help develop a risk management plan that is realistic, that is right for your business at an affordable cost. We offer online data backup services including storage in our virtual private cloud. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses and all you need is an internet connection. All software installed on the server or computer is automatically backed up. This also provides a faster recovery option.

Key benefits

Our many years of experience mean we assess your IT systems, and give you, realistic advice about the best disaster recovery strategy to implement. This means you can get on with your core business and benefit from: