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Online fleet management and reporting solution

Business need

Uniqco Australia identified the need for a software product that would provide real time assistance for fleet managers to achieve the Key Performance Indicators central to best-practice fleet management. It needed to be economical to acquire and operate, and readily accessible from any geographical location.

Key challenges

  • Building flexibility into the application to handle differing customer input formats

  • Customer data is not always consistent in format or content, so the system needs to enable review and adjustment to support the business objectives

  • Scalability to support multiple customers on the same platform with minimal incremental effort or performance degradation

  • Maintainability to continue to support and extend the software with reduced development costs


Unifleet, the solution developed, uses the customer’s financial, fuel and service data to capture costs, plant income, kilometre or hour utilisation, and maintenance records for the plant and vehicle fleet. Details of managed assets are entered through a secure web site, or exported from an internal asset management system and uploaded from a spreadsheet. Using role-based logins, operators and managers can manage asset information, upload ongoing fuel and financial data, and enter maintenance details.

Fleet managers can then generate the full range of information and reports to enable them to manage fleet assets in the most cost-effective way. By showing whole of life cost of equipment, as well as asset value depreciation over time, fleet owners can predict optimal replacement point for their assets. A client’s IT department can even access their data via web services, and produce custom reports in a third party application for the organisation’s own specific needs.


Unifleet is now well integrated into Uniqco’s fleet management consultancy practice local government, government agencies, and private clients across Australia. This has delivered significant savings through increased utilisation and lower purchasing, operating and maintenance costs for clients.

For example, a government department with 450 vehicles has made annual savings of more than $1.6 million dollars, on an original fleet budget of $4.2m. This is a saving of over 35%. If Unifleet is deployed at the initial audit stage, the cost of a fleet analysis for a similar fleet could be reduced by 75% because Unifleet’s standard reports could be run and cost savings identified from a desk rather than requiring extensive travel and data collection.

Customer information

Uniqco International Fleet Management is a specialist supplier of fleet management consulting and support systems situated in Bunbury, Western Australia. Uniqco provides remote and on-site fleet consultancy services across Australia.