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NSW Mineral Resources

A solution for mining exploration information

Business need

Each year organizations with exploration and mining rights in NSW supply a mining report for each of their licenses, collected since the Gold Rushes of the 1850s. In the late 1990s reports were progressively scanned and stored in image juke boxes using technology supplied by Tower Software. Users needed to access reports from the Department of Mineral Resources A system was required to allow mining companies to search for reports based on wide-ranging criteria.

Key challenges

  • Interfacing with the existing data storage system

  • Security

  • Handling large document deliveries

  • Reliability

  • Managing data traffic and bandwidth


Multibase provided software specifications, software development, documentation, training, operational support and maintenance, testing and systems integration, delivering a complete hardware and software system. The system, known as DIGS, provided multiple web sites using the one set of applications and databases. A web site was developed for public information and an intranet site for restricted data.

The system allows for the possibility of users being charged for services. A user’s history of previous searches and retrieved documents can be stored.

Interfacing with a Fulcrum free-text search engine that stores meta-data for each report through a Java API, the application lists all reports meeting the search criteria. Users can then select reports and via a remote shell API interface to the Tower Software system a list is provided of the documents that make up the selected report. Users can then select to view or have e-mailed to them the selected documents. Various mechanisms are available to schedule large document deliveries for times of low system activity.


The system required minimal support calls, winning an award for innovation in NSW government in its first year of operation.

Customer information

The Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) is the state's premier geoscience agency. It provides information and advice to the government, the mineral exploration and mining industry and the community on the state's geology, mineral resources, exploration highlights and their impact on land use planning.