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Millennium Tapware & Accessories

Improved functionality and reputations

Business need

Millennium Tapware is the tapware and bathroom products division of Peter W. Eldering Pty. Ltd. Eldering’s daily operations in Australia now rely upon the availability of System 77 which has been extensively customised to suit the specific requirements of the business.

Eldering reached out to us for support. They had previously been self-managing their site using out of date hardware that was in desperate need of an upgrade. 

Eldering engaged Multibase to take over the hosting of their ERP (System 77) and backup of data, and after some early research into cloud services as a way to improve the situation, Eldering entrusted Multibase to plan and manage their transition to the cloud.


Key challenges 

Having a site that can work with their network of branches and agents and contribute to and support their reputation of quality products, services and after-sales support was an important feature of our work with Eldering. In order to provide the services required, speed, secure data and technologies being used were all of the utmost importance. 



Multibase produced the original database technology that underpins System 77, and with decades of accumulated knowledge about ERP software and system migrations, the planned move took place as safely and smoothly as possible. 

In order to make the change as smooth as possible, Multibase provided many services to help get the server up and running. This included; data migration of user information from the old site to the new site, including migration of the system 77 application, testing the application along with user acceptance testing, fully managed OS patching and maintenance, in addition to advanced Firewall protection and management and managed backups, daily incremental and weekly server backup on disk tape, weekly off-site tape storage with 24/7 support. 



With System 77 now running in the cloud, Eldering now has better physical security, complete network and server redundancy, and no single point of failure that would otherwise prevent satellite offices accessing the system.  

The biggest tangible benefit has been the reduction in costs: there is now no hardware to service or replace, no need to dedicate resources to maintenance, and no need to maintain costly dedicated links between offices.

Eldering can now build on the success of this move, expanding their use of cloud services to further increase their ability to connect with customers and continue to expand their growing brand of plumbers, fittings and associated products. 


Business Profile  

P.W.E, as it is known throughout Australia, is an Australian family-owned and operated business which has been supplying the plumbing and hardware industry in Australia for over 60 years. Since 2006, they have concentrated on sourcing, supplying and marketing their own brands of plumbers fittings, mixers & tapware, bathroom accessories and associated products.