Client Stories


Collaborate securely

Business need

Based in North Shore, Ku-Ring-Gai Netball Association (KNA) required an standardized email solution for sharing files and collaborating with the staff. 

Key Challenges

To provide the best possible solution to KNA, Mutlibase had analysed the key factors customer on-going needs and identified office 365 plan would be the best fit which provides better email security requirements in terms of enhancing the current state of email security performance. In addition, Multibase had to plan the things when migrating which consisted of pre-migration updates, reduced downtime, etc.


KNA achieved the milestone when it standardised on Microsoft Office 365, upping its game with collaboration, security and mobility. As advised by Multibase, KNA decided to migrate on Office 365 which enabled superior security posture in order to protect the data and greatly enhanced collaboration that helped them achieve their aims. With office 365 automatic updates, the services are better protected, increases the productivity and allows them to continue working without being held back by slow and outdated software.


Once challenged by decentralisation and technology limitations, KNA has coalesced with the adoption of Microsoft Office 365. Employees can collaborate seamlessly within a highly secured digital and modern workplace from anywhere.