Fully managed and economical server hosting in the cloud

Your data is your most valuable asset

You rely on the information you keep about your clients, your orders and your operations every day.

If you manage this information on your own servers, you need to be sure that they're secure and that your data is protected from hardware failure and physical disasters.

What would you do if your business lost critical files? How much would it cost? Even if you're already backing up, are you sure that you can actually restore your systems and get back to work if you need to? By the time it's happened, it's too late to find out your backups aren't working.

Lost data costs your business

Here's some sobering statistics from the ACCC about the financial impact to businesses when things go wrong:

  • Small businesses accounted for nearly 60% of reported losses
  • The volume of reported losses increased by over 30% on the previous year's figures
  • A total of $300 million in losses was reported last year in Australia from lost data and security breaches, with an average loss of $7,226 for each incidence
Checkmark Hosting your servers in the cloud reduces the risk of data loss

Peace of mind

Cloud hosting is private, secure and reduces risk for your business.

Faster disaster recovery

  • Rapid server restoration with minimal downtime
  • Reduced risk of downtime from physical hardware failure
  • Tested and validated backup and recovery

Improved business continuity

  • Secure physical environment staffed 24/7
  • Onsite backup power generation capacity
  • Continuous hardware and software monitoring

Lower total cost

  • No hardware costs
  • Flexible configuration
  • Predictable budgeting

Fully managed service

  • No requirement for in-house IT expertise
  • Server operating system management included
  • Custom service packages available

More cloud hosting benefits

  • Lower total cost of ownership than physical servers
  • No hardware maintenance contracts or upgrades
  • Improved disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Better physical security for your critical data
  • Increased server uptime
  • Faster server provisioning
  • Flexible computing power and storage
  • Local Australian data centre
  • Reduced energy usage
Download: Cloud server hosting case study
Case Study: Moving to the cloud

Learn how an Australian manufacturer embraced cloud hosting services to ensure business continuity and improve data security for critical business systems.

Download: Cloud server hosting case studyDownload your copy
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Flexible plans

Every business is different, so we plan a cloud hosting solution with you that provides the computing power, memory and storage you need.

We can also assist you to migrate your data to your new servers, help you with your network connections and VPN, and support your applications as additional options. This ensures a good business outcome because you get everything you need, nothing you don't and the right services to help your business run smoothly in the cloud.

What's included

Our cloud hosting service is a managed operations model. We provide a managed hosting environment for Linux and Windows servers with operating system maintenance/patching, hardware monitoring, database maintenance and backup management as standard services.

Our platform

  • VMWare enterprise server virtualisation platform
  • High-capacity SAN
  • Enterprise firewall with redundant failover
  • Veeam backup with file-level restore
  • High-capacity bandwidth with ample headroom
  • Custom performance monitoring for websites and applications available
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Whether you have one server or many, if you're new to cloud services or you know exactly what you need, Multibase can help you reduce risk and realise measurable savings with cloud services.

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