Client Stories

SA Financing Authority

A secure solution for management of finances

Business need

A government agency needs an efficient, secure way to collect specialised financial data from a range of other government agencies, by a specified time each day. A summary of the data is then made available for internal government processes. Both access to the system and data storage must be highly secure, with access permissions managed by a client administrator. A daily cut-off time needed to be set to prevent further entry of data. The look and feel was to be managed by the client using an existing web design tool.

Key challenges

  • Security of data and security of access

  • Business rules for data storage and transformation

  • Allowing the client to manage access and site content

  • Business rules for user and group management


Multibase installed its Livesite solution framework on a web server secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to manage the user database and a secure document library, providing an economical starting point. This provides access to the system via the web. Custom modules were then developed for the specialised functions, including the data collection forms, a sophisticated encryption algorithm for data storage, a system of strong passwords and forced password changes for security, as well as notification and lockouts for potential fraudulent access. Once delivered, Multibase provides a hosting and application management package.


The secure system runs transparently for many years, providing a high return on investment. Multibase provides the continuity enabling system enhancements to be made over the years without major rebuilds. As hosting technology develops, the system is moved to a virtual dedicated server offering additional security and improving business continuity protection.

Customer information

SAFA functions as the central financing authority for and captive insurer of the State of South Australia, its businesses and agencies, and plays an integral role in the overall management of the State's finances.